What To Wear To Breast Augmentation Surgery

Going in for breast augmentation surgery can be an exciting time for many women. With so much anticipation involved in awaiting the outcome, it can seem more like a pleasure than a day spent at a surgical centre. Make no mistake, however, breast surgery is serious business. To enjoy the best possible outcome, it is smart to properly prepare for the procedure. One area that is often overlooked by patients involves how they should dress and what they should wear for the procedure. Since breast enlargement surgery does involve an invasive procedure that will alter the body and can lead to pain and discomfort, there are typically some rather strict suggestions as to attire. Whilst a woman might come in feeling great, itbs not unlikely that she will leave feeling quite uncomfortable. With this in mind, it is best to dress in the following manner:
  • Loose fitting top b It is a very good idea to wear a comfortable, oversized top on the day of breast augmentation surgery. The easier the top is to put on and take off, the better. This will make it easier for a patient to dress following the operation.
  • Comfortable pants b Selecting pants for the day of breast enlargement surgery isnbt as much of a concern, but it can be. To make things easier in the post-surgical period, it is best to have pants that will slip on and off with a fair amount of ease. Elastic band sweat pants are an ideal choice.
  • Slide-on shoes b Getting a complicated pair of shoes on following breast enlargement surgery b or any surgery for that matter b can be an exercise in futility. It is best to wear a pair of loafers or sandals that donbt require tying, buckling, zipping or snapping.
  • Braless b Whilst it is okay to wear a bra on the morning of the surgery, patients usually donbt require a bra for the first 2 weeks post surgery
  • Without makeup b Going in for a boob job does not require the need to dress up at all. This means the face, too. It is best, in fact, to take all makeup off the night before to make the morning of the procedure flow a little more smoothly. The no makeup rule is designed to help ensure sanitation in the surgical suite.
  • Without jewelry b All jewelry, including rings, earrings and necklaces, should be removed prior to surgery. For safety sake, itbs best to leave these at home on the day of breast enhancement surgery.
Dressing for breast enlargement surgery is an exercise in nothing more than comfort. The more loose fitting and baggy clothes happen to be the better. The less complicate they are is also a bonus. Remember, whilst you may arrive for the procedure feeling like a champ, you may go home feeling worse for the wear. Donbt worry though, this will pass in a few days.