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Cosmetic Surgery in Sydney – Dr Chan

Based in Sydney, Dr Chan is a cosmetic surgeon who specialises in a range of cosmetic procedures in Sydney that make you look and feel your best. Dr Chan has a huge wealth of experience in his field, operating a thorough and safe surgical procedure. He conducts an in-depth consultation session to ensure you receive the perfect results for you and your body, and demonstrates the respect and integrity you deserve.

Cosmetic surgeon specialising in breast implants

As a specialist in breast implants, many women have relied on Dr Zion Chan to achieve the ideal cup size for their body. Our team understands the confidence that can be gained with the enlargement procedure, and do all we can to ensure you pick the right cup size for your body shape and personal preference. Working with you, we undertake the delicate and considered process to achieve the best results, for a look that is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. Using advanced techniques, Dr Chan conducts an enlargement that is safe and effective – involving a blood-free technique, no drains, no bandages and no overnight hospital stays. You are assured a simple procedure.  

Cosmetic Surgery for cosmetic or medical reasons

To relieve facial muscle tension, and decrease the incidence of wrinkling in the face, our surgeon specialises in effective dermal fillers with minimal side effects, to restore the skin’s natural plumpness and achieve a youthful look. Long-lasting – to reduce the need for frequent top-ups – the treatment can also be used to treat eye twitching and excessive sweating.


We will schedule a consultation between you and Dr Chan in Sydney in which he will determine the exact look you desire, along with the side-effects you could experience, and the possible risks of cosmetic surgery. At each step of the procedure, our surgeon keeps you well-informed.

Cost-effective cosmetic surgery

We understand that price is often an issue for patients wishing to undergo procedures under qualified cosmetic surgeon, which is why we offer affordable, all-inclusive prices. To find out more about our prices, payment options and procedures breast implants in Sydney, please get in touch with us today.