Dr Zion Chan is a highly-experienced cosmetic surgeon with thousands of surgeries performed to date and counting. Dr Zion Chan is devoted to his art as a breast surgeon in Sydney.

Dedicated to the ideals of beauty and balance in all aspects of his work, Dr Zion Chan offers breast enlargement in Sydney as well as a number of other surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.



Dr Zion Chan, based in Sydney, has a special interest in breast augmentation surgery
(commonly referred to as a 'boob job,' 'breast implant' or 'breast rejuvenation' surgery).
He has helped many women achieve their preferred breast volume for their body.
Dr Zion and his team will ensure you are comfortable and well informed from your first phone call to your after surgery care.


Dr Zion Chan’s cosmetic surgery practice in Sydney focuses on a core philosophy that everybody has the right to look and feel their best. Dr Chan is driven by a great passion for helping his patients achieve their goals. Our practice provides tailored breast implant surgery plans that best navigate toward your desired outcome.

  • No Sutures to be removed
  • No Overnight Hospital Stays
  • No Bandages or chest vests post-surgery
  • No Drains

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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Dr Zion Chan has the experience and care needed to achieve a natural looking nose. Our rhinoplasty procedures are achieved with minimal downtime, pain and recovery period. Combining our years of knowledge in surgical and non-surgical procedures with computer technology to analyse and design your nose that balances your other facial features, Dr Chan can craft a nose as unique as you.

Dermal Fillers

You can relieve facial muscle tension and decrease wrinkling in the face with dermal fillers. As we age, we lose volume in our face, making us look tired and aged.

Dermal fillers subtly placed in the right areas can restore natural plumpness within the face to give a rejuvenated look. They are a long lasting non surgical solution, with minimal need for top ups.

Mummy Rejuvenation

For those who want to shape what has shifted from your post-pregnancy or post-weight loss body, a breast augmentation combined with a breast lift can provide the perfect ‘mummy rejuvenation’.

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We will schedule a consultation between you, your surgery consultant and Dr Zion Chan – online or in Sydney –where he will determine the exact look you desire for your breast job, and expected results from your natural base. At each step of the procedure, you will be kept well-informed about any expected results and limitations of your anatomy.

Cost-effective cosmetic surgery

As price is often an issue for patients wishing to undergo procedures with qualified surgeons, we offer affordable, all-inclusive prices and a convenient payment plan. To find out more about our prices, payment options and procedures such as breast implants or a breast lift in Sydney, please get in touch with us to discuss cost.

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