4 things you should know about rhinoplasty

Did you know rhinoplasty (nose job) is the second most popular cosmetic surgical procedure?

Rhinoplasty has been around, in one form or another, since the 6th century BC. Back then skin from the cheek was used to mould a new nose. But it wasn’t until much later, in the 16th century (during the syphilis epidemic in Europe) , that the nose job as a cosmetic surgery garnered much attention. This attention happened because one of the symptoms of syphilis is soft tissue damage, so they would use skin from the arm to create something resembling a nose.*

Thankfully, cosmetic procedures have come a long way from repurposing skin from cheeks and arms to create fantastic results.

4 things you should know about rhinoplasty

  • You shouldn’t “go” for the perfect nose

A rhinoplasty is meant to alter slightly or change the shape, or size of the nose to complement other facial features. It’s not meant to be the most prominent feature of your face.

  • You can be too young for rhinoplasty

While we appreciate there can be extenuating circumstances, the rule of thumb for this surgery is it should not be performed until the nose has reached full growth.

  • The nose never really stops “growing”

Bone, as well as fat and muscle cell, growth stops, for boys, at 17 and, for girls, at 15. However, the nose looks like it’s growing until old age. What is actually happen is that as we age the soft tissues relax and the nose tends to droop.

  • Final results from Rhinoplasty can take up to a year to show

Recovery period for rhinoplasty takes a few weeks. After which time swelling should mostly disappear, however, some of the swelling may stick around for up to a year.

For this reason, patients have felt their rhinoplasty treatment failed, because of how long it takes to recover.

Dr Zion Chan has a special interest in performing rhinoplasty, and has helped many patients achieve the look they have wanted.

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