What You Need to Know About Breast Augmentation

Quite intimidating and daunting for some people, there seems to be many myths and preconceived ideas about breast augmentation that are freely bandied about. Unfortunately, not all of these are positive, encouraging stories b many actually evoke images of horror and distress b but these are by far the minority as most women who have breast enlargement surgery are satisfied and very pleased with the results. Here we provide some of the most important information that anyone contemplating breast augmentation should know. What is breast augmentation? Breast augmentation involves a silicone bag being inserted under the breast itself or under the breast and chest muscle. The bag is then filled with saline and the silicone bag expands to give the breast area a more full appearance and increased cup size. Other benefits include: improved contour and more cleavage. Where and how is the incision made? There are a number of locations at which the cut, or incision, may occur. It is common for this to be done under the breast (at the breast fold), at the edge of the areola, within the areola, in the underarm area or through the navel. The areola area usually results in the thinnest and most minor scar. How large are implants? There are options for the size of breast that you want and the ultimate decision is made by the woman, usually in consultation with her surgeon. Many people refer to cup sizes when describing the size of breast they would like, but this is not the most accurate measure as cup sizes vary between bra manufacturers and how tightly or loosely a woman wears her bra. Also, the amount of breast tissue that is already present will affect the cup size. Discussing a preferred cup size with a surgeon can be helpful, as can showing the surgeon photographs or pictures of the look desired following the breast enlargement procedure. Filling a plastic bag with carefully measured amounts of water and placing the bag in a bra that is the estimated size desired by the woman is one way of estimating the most appropriate implant size. When the woman then dresses and can see the effect through clothes, they will have a better idea of the final result. What is the difference between smooth and textured implants? Smooth implants are often used as they offer a reduced chance of rippling and causing waviness in the skin than textured or roughened implants. However, a higher incidence of capsule contracture (meaning hardening of the implant) than textured implants is noticed in smooth implants. How long can I expect implants to last? There is no definitive answer of how long breast implants will last. It is possible that the wall of the implant may weaken over time and become disrupted (this is particularly likely as a result of an impact injury such as a car accident or fall). The manufacturing process and a whole range of other factors (some of which are unknown) will determine how long the implant lasts; this may or may not be a lifetime. When people embark on breast augmentation fully informed and confident in their surgeon and his or her approach some excellent results are achieved. In the main, most women are very pleased with the results of their breast enlargement and report increased self-esteem and self-confidence as some of the most positive outcomes. Making the decision to have breast augmentation is a very personal decision that the individual is best placed to make when they have essential information and understanding of the procedure and its possible complications.