Breast Augmentation and Implants in Sydney – Cost, FAQs & Procedures

Breast change can happen with pregnancies, breastfeeding, weight change, hormone changes.  Some women have have never experienced a fuller cup they aspire to fill.  We understand a woman’s desire for fuller and more youthful breasts. Dr Zion Chan’s clinic is devoted to the art of breast implants surgery in Sydney’s CBD. We pride ourselves in our quality results, excellent service and memorable experience. Our professional consultants are highly skilled and trained within this field, achieving consistently excellent results for our patients. Their compassion, knowledge and professionalism is acquired through this experience. We understand each intricate part of the breast augmentation and enlargement process and are here, together with our surgeon, to guide you from your first consultation through to the procedure itself and the post-recovery phase. We realise that the decision to undergo breast augmentation is a delicate process, involving both physical and emotional desires. We appreciate the courage and confidence required to initiate an appointment with us. From the first contact that you make with us, whether through e-mail or phone, our consultants are devoted to your needs. Our whole team aims to ensure your experience is a pleasant one right through to the end result. A breast augmentation can be combined with a breast lift, which is collectively known as “mummy makeover” rejuvenation package. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Affordable breast enlargement surgery

Breast implants in Sydney are normally $12500. We are currently able to offer breast enlargement surgery from $7388  – Conditions Apply. Enquire now by calling 1300 DR CHAN (or 02 9221 2928).  Dr Chan has decided to lower his fees as he has seen and corrected many breast augmentation jobs done overseas and with local clinics offering cheap breast augmentation with poor quality of results and care (as reported to us by the patients). Revision surgery has cost them more money, time, recovery, and emotional strain. The stuff ups have been so devastating for some women that Dr Chan has since decided to lower his fees where possible, so that you don’t need to experiment yourself in inexperienced hands. Our price includes:
  • Silicone round gel breast implants (only the top quality brands used)
  • Surgeon, anaesthetist and facility fees + unlimited 24 months of post-operative visits
  • Absolutely no hidden costs and no ‘surprises’ 

A trusted breast augmentation surgeon

Breast enlargement surgeries are performed by Dr Chan himself, not by trainees. Dr Chan was nurtured and trained by the renowned cosmetic plastic surgeon Dr Eng Peng Tan (one of the leading implant specialists in Australia and pioneer of his time). Dr Chan practices the same techniques and philosophy. Dr Chan has performed over two thousand breast augmentations to date, with 90% of his patients coming from word of mouth referrals from patients who have had surgery with us. Feel comfortable knowing you are having surgery in an accredited private hospitals in Sydney.  Kyle and Jackie O invited Dr Chan to appear on their breakfast show and discussed cosmetic surgery.

The breast enlargement procedure

The surgeon uses a bloodless technique – one that loses 1-3 mL of blood per case in 80-90% of the cases. This procedure has been in place since the late 90s, after being developed by Dr Eng Peng Tan, a renowned and well-respected Sydney cosmetic plastic surgeon. Dr Tebbetts, an American Plastic Surgeon, described a similar technique in the literature in early 2000. This has now been acquired by his protégé Dr Zion Chan. We are dedicated to minimal scarring (average of 4cm in length, dependent on the size of implant and its brand) and a rapid recovery time using sedation anaesthetics. We use:
  • NO drains
  • NO bandages or chest vests post-surgery
  • NO overnight hospital stays
  • NO sutures to be removed

Convenient online consultation, pre-surgery

We want you to feel comfortable and knowledgeable prior to your consultation. Some of our patients have travelled from Melbourne, Gold Coast, Cairns, Perth, Darwin, Adelaide, rural NSW, New Zealand and more. We understand it can be difficult to be sure if you are a suitable candidate for cosmetic surgery. An innovation designed and developed by our doctors is an online consultation. This concept offers an efficient and more convenient way of establishing whether you are a suitable candidate for a procedure. You can now send us your photos via e-mail or our online form, along with a brief description of what you would like to achieve, contact details and medical details. Dr Zion Chan can then assess to see if you are suitable for breast enlargement. You can also now explore your visual objectives with sizing at home. This offers you the opportunity to experiment and take the necessary time to decide upon your desired size in the comfort of your own home before the consultation.

Our objective: A fabulous new you!

Every woman has a different ‘ideal’ breast. We tailor our implant and size options to suit your needs. We want you to obtain the fuller, more attractive and more youthful look you have always aspired to have. We place extra emphasis on four major surgical objectives for breast implants in our Sydney clinic:
  • Centring the implant to create an aesthetically pleasing breast.
  • Emphasising the cleavage with the width of the implant, to enhance and define cleavage.
  • Increasing upper pole fullness to regain a youthful, perkier, fuller appearance.
  • Enlarging the volume overall to create a bigger, desirable shape.

Anaesthetic choices for implants surgery

Dr Chan prefers general anaesthetic as the choice of anaesthetics. All surgeries are performed at a licenced and accredited private hospital.

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