Case: #2375

Patient 11

Description: This patient was tired of not being able to wear the clothes she wanted. She felt like she lacked overall fullness and clothes shopping was hard work. She wanted to feel feminine and womanly. The patient has a very good base to start with. She does have slight asymmetry in the breasts, which is very common. Her left breast is broader and bigger. Differences like these may be more apparent after surgery. The patient has expressed that she is very happy with the results of her breast enlargement surgery. She loves her new shape. She found the whole process very smooth and so much easier than expected. This is the sentiment of the majority of our patients. The patient was a good candidate for breast enlargement surgery. She displayed a good base to start with and a pleasing end result. Surgery Info

  • 450cc Round Textured Silicone Cohesive Gel Implants
  • Subpectoral Placement
  • Inframammary Incision
  • Photo taken 2 months after surgery

Patient Chest: 69 cm Patient Age: 23 yrs Patient Height: 160 cm Patient Weight: 57 kg