Case: #00013

Patient 12

Description: This patient wished for breasts that appeared in proportion to her whole body and shape. She wanted to feel balanced and curvy. She lacked fullness in her breasts and this contributed to her feeling out of proportion. She wanted to feel feminine and confident in her body image. The patient is very slim and has very small breasts and tight tissue. Her breasts were slightly asymmetrical, with her left breast being bigger. Asymmetry is very common. She is very pleased with the results. She was surprised that the procedure and recovery were so easy. She would have done it much sooner if she knew how easy the whole process was. You can see just how much the patient’s confidence has grown as she is sporting a strong tan line from a recent beach holiday in a bikini. Also the obvious slight weight gain has complimented and assisted in a more natural result. Surgery Info

  • 385cc Round Textured Silicone Cohesive Gel Implants
  • Subpectoral Placement
  • Inframammary Incision
  • Corrective Mastopexy Type 2 (breast lift)
  • Photos taken 2 months after surgery

Patient Chest: 73 cm Patient Age: 31 yrs Patient Height: 165 cm Patient Weight: 56 kg