Case: #2406

Patient 16

Description: This patient is very flat-chested and finds it extremely difficult to find clothes and underwear to fit her. She wants to be rounder and fuller so she can feel more feminine. The patient is exceptionally flat-chested. There is very little breast tissue to work with and the inframammary crease barely exists. She is also quite lean, which means that there is a high chance that the implant will be detectable. She is absolutely delighted with her new breasts. She feels complete at last and loves that she now has a curve in her figure. She believes that the shape and size are perfect and that they feel incredibly natural. The patient’s size is just right for her body. The upper and lower pole fullness of her breasts balance and match her body type. Her outcome gives us a very realistic look at what can be achieved by undergoing breast enlargement on such a flat-chested patient. Surgery Info

  • 450cc Round Textured Silicone Cohesive Gel Implants
  • Subpectoral Placement
  • Inframammary Incision
  • Photo taken 2 months after surgery

Patient Chest: 75 cm Patient Age: 44 yrs Patient Height: 163 cm Patient Weight: 51 kg