Case: #2321

Patient 3

Description: She did not feel as attractrive as she used to be and was always trying to cover up her tired looking breasts. She felt uncomfortable about her deflated breasts and desired a more youthful looking breast again. The patient had grade 2 ptosis and required a breast enlargement along with a breast lift to create a younger, fuller breast. Without the lift the patients breasts would have maintained the same shape and the droop would have remained, this would only get worse if if just an implant was added. The photos are at 2 weeks so some bruising around the nipples is still visble, this is normal for a mastopexy and will disappear. The scars around the nipple and along the vertical component are healing well and will continue to fade with time. She could not be happier with the outcome and just wishes she had done it sooner. She is delighted that she no longer has to cover up and can feel feminine once again. She feels she has got her “body back” to the way it was before she had babies. The patient is demonstrating a fabulous mastopexy result at just 2 weeks. I am confident that the scars will fade and the results can only improve in time.Surgery Info

  • 425cc Round Textured Silicone Cohesive Gel Implants
  • Subpectoral Placement
  • Inframammary Incision
  • Corrective Mastopexy Type 2 (breast lift)
  • Photos taken 2 weeks after surgery

Patient Chest: 77 cm Patient Age: 33 yrs Patient Height: 170 cm Patient Weight: 53 kg