Case: #2347

Patient 3

Description: This patient felt that she lacked fullness in the upper half of her breasts and she wanted rounded, fuller breasts. She hated the way every piece of clothing looked on her and fitted her body and could not wait to have the enlargement to change this. She is slim with small oval-shaped breasts. Her breasts and chest wall are slightly asymmetrical. This is very common and will still be present after surgery. The patient did not feel the asymmetry was a concern or that there was any need to correct it. Overall, the breasts are aesthetically pleasing to the patient, but she wished to have them increased in size. She is very pleased with the results and she loves her “new set of breasts” and everything about herself now. Her clothes now fit and feel better than before. The results are pleasing to both patient and the surgeon. She has achieved fantastic cleavage and perfect upper pole fullness for her body type. Surgery Info

  • 395cc Round textured Cohesive Silicone
  • Gel implants
  • Subpectoral Placement
  • Inframammary Incision
  • Photos taken 2 weeks after surgery

Patient Chest: 71 cm Patient Age: 21 yrs Patient Height: 153 cm Patient Weight: 45 kg