Diet Pills (Prescription Only Medications) / Non Surgical Weight Loss Pills

No matter what you do whether its exercise or healthy dieting, you just couldn’t lose the weight?

There might be a solution for you to lose the desired weight within 1 to 3 month.

It has been well studied that overweight people have a higher morbidity and mortality rate. This group of patients have a higher incidence of diabetes, heart disease, peripheral vascular disease, stroke and the list goes on.

A lot of my patients seek to lose weight by undergoing liposuction and cosmetic surgery. Dr Chan usually would refuse surgery on patients who request for this reason. Liposuction and cosmetic surgery are aimed to contour the body and they are not designed to lose weight.

How do we lose weight ?

Step 1: Exercise and Diet – poor compliance
Step 2: Failing step 1 trial prescription medication
Step 3: Failing all else and depending if meeting criteria – Bariatric Surgery

How much weight can we lose with prescription medication?

It is estimated that one can lose between 5 to 15 kg per month with prescription medication depending on your own diet, metabolism and exercise levels.

Prescription medication should be only give for a period of 1 to 3 months or when the desired weight loss is achieved.

Is there rebound after weight loss is achieved ?

With any weight loss program, once the weight is lost, its imperative on the patient to maintain the weight. This is achieved through a fixed calorie intake per day. Dr Chan will give you a recipe with all the food groups and still eating the food you like but in a more planned fashion and aimed to maintaining your desired weight.

A simple way how to lose weight in theory is very simple – “Intake Less Calorie and Burn more Calorie”. How to do this safely and in a healthy way is an art which Dr Chan will guide you and help you to achieve.

Side Effects

There are always side effect with any medication regardless if there are prescription or over the counter or herbal medications. Prescription medication is highly regulated and its safety must be tested prior to release to the market and hence its under the guidance of a doctor.

Dr Chan will inform you the possible side effects. Side effects are dose related and it is always advised to start a patient on a lose dose.


Monthly Supply ranges from $320 to $450 including Doctor Consultation Fees.

How do I go from here ?

You need to have complete a free assessment. Click here to proceed to patient information web form and it will be submitted for doctor’s review. Once completed please email to

Dr Chan will assess the information to see if you are eligible for the medication.

Once you are eligible you will need to have a consultation with Dr Chan.

For country, interstate and international patients, a Skype consultation might be required.