Get Injectables in Sydney from a Qualified Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr Zion Chan believes that anyone should be able to feel happy with the way they look. With years of training and extensive experience, he offers a variety of injectable cosmetic treatments to give you noticeable results without spending a fortune.

Simple and effective injectable treatments to give you that new look

Our anti-wrinkle, dermal filler and hyperhidrosis treatments are non-surgical, which means that the procedures take much less time to complete and no downtime for most treatments. Read on to find out more about the injectables we offer our Sydney customers.

Anti-wrinkle treatment
A specially developed anti-wrinkle product is injected underneath the skin through a very fine sterilised syringe. The product binds to the facial muscles and causes them to relax, resulting in a smoother complexion and wrinkle reduction. These injectables are non-invasive—the needle may cause only mild discomfort, while many people don’t even feel the needle at all.

Anti-wrinkle treatment not only helps reduce expression lines, but can also help prevent them in younger patients.

Dermal filler
As our skin ages, it tends to lose the natural volume seen during our youth. Dermal filler is a gel derived from substances that naturally occur in the skin to increase volume and improve hydration and give you that youthful facial structure once more. This treatment is often used to smooth away the wrinkles that appear between your nose and the corner of your lips, reduce the appearance of deeper forehead lines, as well as improve lost cheek volume that is common from weight loss and/or ageing.

Hyperhidrosis is an injectable that has been shown to be a very effective treatment for excessive sweating. The product is injected into the skin of the armpit and stops the sweat glands receiving signals from the sympathetic nerve. This subsequently stops the armpits from sweating excessively, even during exercise in hot weather.

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Dr. Chan is dedicated to providing nothing but the highest standard of cosmetic treatment at prices that won’t break the bank. Schedule a consultation online or in person to discuss what you want to achieve and go through everything you need to know about your desired treatment. For more information about our injectables offered in Sydney, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.