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Opening Hours

Mon – Fri 0900 – 1900 (7PM) Sat – need to book in advance If you work locally around Macquarie St, Sydney, you can pop into our office at lunch time OR we cater for patients after work as we open from 1630 – 1900 (7 PM) for injectables only. Please ring 1300 DR CHAN for an appointment during these hours. Hyperhidrosis/Excessive Sweating Excessive Sweating, a condition called hyperhidrosis, is both embarassing, uncomfortable and sometimes humiliating. They interfere with your work, social and private lives. Invasive procedures do exist in removing the glands responsible for this condition, however they do carry significant amount of risks. You no longer need to put up with this! A simple ten minute non invasive procedure can help you to live a “dry” life!

What is the treatment?

This is antiwrinkle Product treatment. However it is also been shown that it is very successful for excessive sweating.

How does Anti-Wrinkle Product work

It is injected into arm-pits’ skin. This blocks the sympathetic nerve signal to be transmitted to the sweat glands. This simple interference will stop sweat production. Therefore when you exercise especially in summer season, the under arms sweat glands no longer receives signal from the nerves to produce sweat.

How do you inject Anti-Wrinkle Product and how much do I need?

It is administered using a very fine sterile disposable syringe and a very fine-gauge needle. Our clinic uses ice to reduce the stinginess of the needle and the injection. Some people might also request anaesthetic cream prior to injection. Iodine Starch Test can be used to determine the surface area of the sweat glands. However it is not necessary in all cases, it is occasionally used in some. In average individual 50 units per arm pit are used as a standard dose.

How long does the injection take and Do I feel anything?

This is a very quick procedure. For 1st time patients you would usually spend 15-20 mins in our clinic so that we can thoroughly go through the intricate part of this treatment. Regular clients who has had one or more treatments, the procedure is usually limited to 5-10 mins. The needle is very small. Most people are quite comfortable. Some doesnt even feel the needle. If you do feel something, it is a quick prick sensation. Most patients feel the actual injection into the skin, they have a a mild sensation of “fullness” and or “pressure”. This can last for a little while afterwards. It usually settles down with a pain killer such as panadol. We usually give our patients ice to ease the stingness and reduces bruising. Some patients however are afraid of needle and they might need some local anaesthetic cream to help them overcome this. We understand this completely and we are fully prepared for it.

Possible side effects

Swelling and redness Rare, settles within days Bruising Rare, we always try to avoid blood vessels when we inject, however there are some that we cant see with our naked eye. Settles within days.


Pregnancy Neuromuscular Disorders : ALS, Myasthesnia Gravis, Lambert-Eaton Syndrome, Cardiovascular conditions Please disclose all medical informations including medications in order for us to better take care of your overall health.

How long does it last?

The results are dramatic. It usually lasts 7 – 10 months. In the literature some cases have reported to have a benefits up to 15 – 18 months.


From $1000 – $1250 (GST inclusive) for axillary hyperhidrosis depending on quantity of the product used.


We purchase Anti-Wrinkle Product from Allergan Australia. They are the gold standard for anti-wrinkle injection and hyperhidrosis. We endorse their product.

Contact Details

Contact our professional consultants on 1300 DR CHAN for more advice and an appointment. Warm wishes from our team at Dr Zion Chan Cosmetic Surgeon. We are conveniently located in the city – See address below