Liposuction Sydney

Spring Promotion Prices (Includes Surgeon and Theatre Costs)   1 Area: Small $2000 Medium $ 2500 Large $3000 Each Area Thereafter: Small $1500 Medium $2000 Large $2500 Anaesthetics performed by an anaesthetist and Charged at $550 Per hour. Dr Chan will quote you how long all the areas will take.   There are areas of body, no matter what you do, exercise or massage, the fatty deposits just wont go away. Commonly for men the deposits are abdomen, Flanks (Love Handles) and Man Boobs. Commonly for women the deposits are Abdomen, Flanks, inner and outer thighs, buttocks and area just below the breasts. Liposuction or Liposculpture can be performed on these problematic areas and create a new you. Warning: Liposuction is not a substitute for weight reduction or weight loss. Exercise prior to surgery is essential before embarking on any surgical procedures. Liposuction by Dr Chan is only performed on people who have tried everything from dieting to exercising and failed in reducing their fatty deposits. What is Liposuction? This is procedure to remove unwanted fatty deposits. What Techniques are Available?
  1. Suction assisted lipectomy (SAL)
  2. Ultrasound assisted lipectomy
Am I suitable for surgery? You are suitable if you have dieted and exercised and you were still unable to get rid of these problem areas. Is the surgery done under sedation/local anesthetic or general anesthetic? I will be entirely guided by you, most liposuctions are done via the sedation/local method with an anesthetist or Done under general anesthesia with an anesthetist. Risks of the surgery? This will be discussed in length at your consultation. In general the risks are minor and usually there is no long lasting side effects. How long does the operation take and do I wear garments after surgery? This will depend on how big the area, it ranges from 30 -180 minutes depending on how many areas are done and how much fat has to be removed. Dr Chan prefers to set a limit of 3 hours and/or 4-6 liters of fat are removed. If there is still fat remaining, we have to do a second operation. Any longer time frame may cause electrolyte disturbance in the body and may cause serious medical problems. You will have a compression garment on post operatively, you are usually required to wear this for 4-6 weeks after surgery. The garment is designed to reduce swelling and helps with the recovery phase. When Can I go Home? This is a day surgery procedure only and you will require a support person. You will go home typically 2-4 hours after surgery. Early mobility is encouraged but limit yourself of not doing any strenuous activity. Make Sure you take all the prescribed pain medications. Keep up your fluid intake, its recommended that you drink 2-3L of liquid, this includes coffee, tea, milk, water, basically any fluid. Support Person You must have a support person with you for 24 hours after surgery. They can monitor your progress and any concerns should be addressed to Dr Chan. Time off Work and When can I resume normal activities? It is general recommended that you take 1 week off week and you can resume normal house activity the next day. Gentle exercise can resume after 1 week and normal exercise after 2 weeks. You can wear sun glasses during this time to hide any swelling and bruising. Driving You must not drive whilst you are under the influence of the anesthetic and pain killers. Sex 2 weeks after surgery, however if you are still in pain or sore, postpone sexual activities until you are comfortable. Recovery Bruising if any and swelling will typically go away within 4-6 weeks. Final results can take up to 3-6 months sometimes 12 months When do I see Dr Chan again? 2 weeks, 3 months, 12 months