Male Rhinoplasty Specialist for a Safe and Effective Nose Job in Sydney

Looking for a male rhinoplasty specialist for a nose job in Sydney? If you have thought about altering the shape of your nose with surgery, why not contact our clinic today to see what Dr Chan can do for you. A renowned cosmetic surgeon, Dr Chan conducts the procedure with delicacy and care to ensure patients leave with a natural-looking nose. We specialise in cosmetic male rhinoplasty nose surgery that looks balanced and still masculine.   

With a lower rhinoplasty cost than other surgeries in the area – yet achieving superior results at the same time – Dr Chan is a specialist rhinoplasty surgeon suited to your operative needs.


Ever thought about changing the size or shape of your nose? Perhaps it is just a small change that will make all the difference and boost your confidence.

Our clinic can improve your overall look and start to find out about the changes you could make today by organising a nose job consultation. Dr Chan will work with you to design a nose that suits your face and appearance. Reshaping and correcting the nose’s structure, and providing it with sufficient support ensures a natural appearance

What are the recovery times from a nose job?

Any surgery has downtime, and a nose job is no different. Rhinoplasty surgery comes with a mild amount of pain, though this can be controlled easily with medication.

In the first 5-10 days, bruising will occur – when it recedes, the patient may return to their day-to-day life and workplace. Two weeks after the surgery, gentle exercise can be undertaken (such as a light walk), but patients must refrain from more rigorous activity until after six weeks.

During your consultations in Sydney pre- and post-surgery, we will discuss the whole range of effects and recovery from men’s rhinoplasty.

An affordable rhinoplasty cost

Cost of surgery is often a deterrent for most patients considering surgery. We offer payment plans to help patients get the results they want without the financial stress.

To lessen the financial pressure further and to make the rhinoplasty cost in our Sydney clinic lower and more affordable, we can suggest several payment plan options, with payments starting from as little as $50 per week. Speak to our specialist nose surgery for more information about how to access low cost periodical plans.

Our specialist clinic

Sydney Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Zion Chan was trained by the experienced Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon Dr Eng-Peng Tan, a top rhinoplasty specialist in Australia. Dr Eng-Peng Tan shared his knowledge of rhinoplasty surgery including the latest surgical techniques for aesthetic and natural noses with Dr Zion Chan, who is now well versed in all the subject matter on this topic.

Dr Zion Chan is passionate about the art of rhinoplasty and works hard to create a solution for your facial profile and to achieve your objectives in step with your natural anatomy and ideal aesthetics. Using a state of the art computer imaging program, you will see before and after photos to demonstrate what is possible as well as highlight any restrictions before nose surgery. Our friendly staff based in Sydney are devoted to providing the best service for each patient from the initial phone conversation right through to the consultation and during the post-surgery period. We are dedicated to strong results and our staff aim to ensure your experience is a seamless and positive one, as we consider it an honour to care for our patients.

*Excludes alar base work

Speak to our nose surgery to book a detailed consultation

For dedicated care and a rhinoplasty surgeon with a wealth of experience in his field, contact our surgery for a consultation appointment. During this time, we will discuss your desired outcomes from surgery, and we will take care to understand your entire, unique situation. We will provide a detailed overview of the entire procedure – including what we will do and possible side-effects, and provide a total quote for rhinoplasty with no hidden charges or unexpected fees.  

We want to ensure you receive the best treatment possible – and with Dr Zion Chan’s team, you are receiving quality medical care.