Rhinoplasty Tips Post-Op

From breast implants to hip replacements, there is always going to be a post-op period after any surgery that may be a little uncomfortable. While this is completely normal, there are some important tips you should know that will help make this time a little easier on you. Here, we’ve listed these all important tips for those who have undergone rhinoplasty. If you are about to have any work done in this area, you’ll want to read our list of post-op tips below:

  • Follow all instructions carefully– It’s really important that you take notice of what the surgeon tells you to do to look after yourself. The instructions given are to optimise healing and reduce swelling as quickly as possible so it’s worth putting in the effort to do what is suggested.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to recover– If you aren’t able to have a good amount of time off from work, anywhere from one and a half to two weeks, then wait until you can have this time. You want to be able to take your time and ease back into work after your operation. You don’t need the added pressure of going back to work prematurely.
  • Don’t be panicked and expect the end result immediately– Remember, your face will be swollen and may appear not as you originally wanted it straight after surgery. But you need to keep in mind that this is only temporary until the swelling goes down and your surgery heals. Try not to panic or worry about your surgery. Wait until it’s healed completely and you will be able to see the end result as you expect it.
  • Create a post-op pack for yourself– It’s a good idea that when you come home from surgery you have a number of things to occupy yourself while you are healing. Buy some of your favourite magazines, rent a few weekly movies the day before and pack some of your favourite food in the fridge. Give yourself a little extra pampering during this time.
  • Don’t rush back into exercise– You should be able to start exercising 3 weeks after your surgery. But remember, don’t rush and allow your body to gradually ease back in to physical activity.
  • Sleeping position– If you have just had rhinoplasty then it’s important that you sleep on your back with your head elevated for the first week after you’ve had surgery.
  • Using ice packs– Ice packs can be placed over your eyes for the first two days to help reduce the swelling.

The post-op period can be the time which people most dread in the whole process. But while your body is healing, there are heaps of great things you can do to ensure you have a speedy recovery. I hope our list of tips has given you some useful ideas for making your rhinoplasty post-op period as comfortable as possible.