Considering Rhinoplasty Sydney

Considering Rhinoplasty Nose Job & Reshaping Surgery

The nose is a major aesthetic unit of the face. It is easy to understand why so many people alter their nose when they are uncomfortable with it.

If you have ever thought one or more of the following, you may be a good candidate for rhinoplasty:

  • My nose appears too large for my face
  • There is a bump on the bridge of my nose that I can notice in my profile
  • My nose seems too wide when I view it front on
  • The tip of my nose droops
  • The tip of my nose is enlarged and/or thickened
  • My nose is off-centre and/or crooked
  • A previous injury has made my nose asymmetrical
  • I have had a rhinoplasty and I am unhappy with the results

Useful Links: – extremely well described and illustrated, especially on surgical techniques.