Rhinoplasty Sydney Consultation

Rhinoplasty Nose Job Consultation at Level 8, 231 Macquarie St. Sydney NSW 2000

Your first consultation with Dr. Chan is an interactive and informative experience. You’ll complete a Patient Acquaintance Form. The details you provide will enable us to communicate with you. It also gives us the information we need to make up your patient file. One side of this form asks you to detail:
  • Your medical history (including past surgery) and any existing medical conditions.
  • Medications you currently take.
This information is necessary for the consultation. If you have had a rhinoplasty before or if you have a specific medical condition, this could affect the discussion. There are five components vital to the consultation process. They are posed as five questions: How does Dr. Chan know the results I want to achieve? Images of your profile and face (front on) are scanned into the computer. You’ll be encouraged to communicate as best you can the results you would like to achieve from rhinoplasty. There are no limits as you point out or describe your concerns. The consultation gives you the confidence to make your own choices regarding your desired nose shape. While you are talking, Dr. Chan will be altering your profile picture, incorporating the changes you would like made. You will be able to see how each alteration changes your appearance. At some stage during this process, you are able to identify your ‘ideal’ nose. The image that you decide on will be recorded for reference during surgery. A copy of the image will be given to you to take home. The consultation is able to proceed if Dr. Chan agrees that your expectations are realistic. How accurate will surgery be? How close to the computer image can I expect to get? Once you have selected an image you are happy with, Dr. Chan will discuss with you what can be expected in reality. In most cases, he is able to perform surgery at 70% likeness to the original computer image. Images of previous patients’ before and after surgery photographs will be shown to demonstrate this. You will be shown pictures of:
  • The patient’s initial profile picture
  • The profile image the patient selected with their ‘ideal’ nose
  • The patient’s profile picture two months after surgery
The differences between the actual results and the image the patient selected as ‘ideal’ will be pointed out to you during consultation. In most cases, the actual results will show a marked improvement on the patient’s profile before surgery, even though variations exist between the computer image decided upon and reality. It is important that people considering rhinoplasty understand the procedure is aimed at improvement, not perfection. How will the surgery be performed? After this, the surgical procedure that is necessary to achieve the results you want will be explained. Dr. Chan will use diagrams to assist this explanation. You will be shown:
  • Where the bone will be removed from for a bone reduction to reduce the height of the nose
  • Where the cartilage will be removed for a cartilage reduction to reduce the size of the lower half of the nose
  • How cartilage refinement will lift and narrow the nose tip
  • Where skin will be removed to reduce the width of your nose base
  • Where incisions will be made at surgery
What can go wrong? You will discuss a range of possible side effects and complications. You will be given an idea of what you can expect after surgery and encouraged to ask any questions you may have. For more essential informations please click here. How much will the surgery cost and how soon can it be done? You will be given a quote for your rhinoplasty and you can book a date for surgery. You can bring a support person with you to Dr. Chan’s rooms. However, you should note that that person isn’t able to accompany you into the initial part of your consultation. This ensures the decisions you make aren’t influenced by a third person. As you are the one undergoing surgery, the priority is to understand your concerns and expectations. Dr. Chan is happy to meet with your support person once he is satisfied you are happy with the changes you have discussed in private. We understand that your accompanying person is dedicated to supporting you.