Actual Patient Surgery Journal Sydney


Pre Op Photo

These are patients actual photo of her pre operative nose


Computer Generated Images

At the consultation, Dr Chan sits with the patient and carefully discusses with her what nose she desires. Once Dr Chan has finalised what the patient’s expectations are, computer generated images are created to best represent the look she wants. (Dr Chan creates the nose you want, NOT WHAT DR CHAN WANTS)


Day 0

Patient had Rhinoplasty surgery today and you can see there is bruising just under the eyes, splint and swab to catch any nose dribbles.


Day 1

Patient bruising subsiding, and the bruising is not as dark blue compared to yesterday.


Day 2

Bruising subsided considerably.


Day 4

Bruising gone completely, only a slight tinge of yellow colour.


Day 6

No bruising is visible


Second week of Recovery

Clearly there is no more bruising. The splint is to keep the nose in position.


Post Op Splint Removal Day

Splint is coming off and finally the patient is able to see the results


Post Op Splint Removal Evening

The profile is great.


10 days After Surgery

“I am so happy with the results! I have been complemented on my profile so much that it has just lifted my spirits and made me feel so confident! I can not thank you all enough for this positive change you have made in my life!” -Patient

  Dr Zion Chan strongly adheres to the NSW Government’s and the NSW Medical Board’s Regulation. All before and after photo in this gallery are of a genuine person and all pictures are clinical and have not being altered. They represent one person’s experience and there is no guarantee that any other patient will experience similar results.